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Published On: Thu, Aug 8th, 2019

Art Exhibition with juxtaposition of two opposites

The Scottish Artist Allie Cameron is exhibiting her exclusive art this weekend in Södermalm, Stockholm. Allie has worked for some of the world’s biggest brands.Today she combines creating her art with running her own branding consultancy.  She worked in the Vatican in Rome for a period where she walked in the footsteps of the legendary renaissance artists. Her life drawings have been compared with those of Michelangelo.

The artist Allie Cameron is exhibiting her art at Juste Gallery in Stockholm, Södermalm. 9-11 Aug.

How would you describe your artwork? 

– My artwork is very natural.  Like walking, it is easy, I mean it feels right.  I wish everything else in life was like that.

What is different about it?

– With the juxtaposition of two opposite things, I create a whole new perspective, enjoying especially when these can be provocative and humorous. Just like Life, we often find unexpected things together.

Allie gained a Fine Art Honours Degree before going to study Art History, a main feature of her collage work. Allie has work in the permanent collection at the Royal Scottish Academy, shown work in Harvey Nichols and has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe. Much of her work is in private collections in the USA.

Who is your favourite artist from the MENA-region?

– It is exciting that the Middle East has a modern art scene coming out.  One of the first books we had to read at University was The History of Egyptian Art.  There are many exhibitions, political that arise with Middle Eastern art. For example in Washington the Museum for Palestinian People, deals with the Middle East as a group. We need to hear more about individual artists.

Did you ever visit the Middle East?

– I went to Abu Dhabi when I was 21, my third year of art school.

What was it like?

– I had a motorbicycle accident there so had to fly home early.  I missed a lot of trips because of that.

What place would you like to visit in the region today?

– I would love to go to Cairo and experience the Culture there.

Where? Juste Gallery, Södermalm Stockholm. Heleneborgsgatan 14

When? Friday 9 aug, Saturday 10 aug, Sunday 11 Aug.

Visit Allie’s website:


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