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Published On: Mon, Jan 16th, 2017

Historiska nedslag i MENA: Cité Sportife Stadium, Beirut

Kriget i Libanon 1982 och den brittiske journalisten Robert Fisk var på plats: ”From the sky, the Israeli jets kept power-diving, their cannon fire reaching us like the sound of tearing paper. Fifteen minutes later, they turned their attention to the ruins of the Cité Sportif, the stadium where the PLO had kept much of their ammunition and which had been pulverised by Israeli bombs in the 4 June raid. There must have been some munition left, fore there was a gulf of brilliant yellow flame and a bulb of fire shot into the sky.” (Pity the Nation. Lebanon at War. Tredje upplagan. 2001, s. 226).


Bild: Wikimedia.

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