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Published On: Thu, Jul 30th, 2015

Illuminating the Illuminati

The Iranian filmmaker, Bahman Nassiri now based in Los Angeles, accomplished actor and marketeer, wrote and produced “The Golden Veil”, an independent feature film nominated at the San Diego, Indie Film Festival, 2011.


Imagine the hostage crises during the Iranian revolution that occured during 1979-81. Nassiri released his screenplay on this event January 1st 2011, a narration that he claims to be based on a true story.

Corruption, greed, political intrigues and lies, moreso depicting a powerful passion between his main characters. The American journalist and CIA agent and a beautiful Iranian SVAK agent.

Bahman Nassiri, himself a member of a Freemasonic Order, claims that the Illuminati are responsible for the revolution and the leadership in Iran; by putting fundamentalists in charge of the Nation. According to Nassiri, the Illuminati breathe life into an upcoming World War.

– I am reluctant to incite fear but I still feel obliged to warn people, Nassiri says.

He claims, that he has insider information about the attack on 11th of September 2001, in New York prior to it it taking place. Bin Ladin’s assasination and much more.

In an interview with Rick Wiles for Truenews, Nassiri proclaims that his life might be at risk due to the delicate information that he is disclosing.

– I am fearless, he says. Being without fear is something he was taught by the Freemasons and he is hoping that as few Lives as many will not be sacrificed.

With very reliable sources, whose identities he shall never reveal; his predictions speak for themselves.

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