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Published On: Mon, Jan 4th, 2016

IS – Not a UFO we are unable to explain

“Where did IS come from?” We hear this question in all kinds of circumstances, and most of the time people talk with a hatred and even kind of desperation about IS’ horror actions.


“But how did a monster like IS come to exist?” they say, as if they had seen a UFO out on the street and are absolutely unable to explain what they have seen.

IS and other forces are reactions to situations that happen to be extreme, and in many cases are created by foreign forces. These reactions are backward, medieval, oppressive and brutal but still a reaction and not an original action.

For a better understanding of IS’ background, briefly think about what happened to the Middle East and Iraq during the last decades: Invasions, occupation, coups and oppressive national movements which are mostly planned and carried out by Western forces.

It is not hard to imagine the frustration and desperation of the Iraqi people, who after years of catastrophic sanctions were invaded by the strongest army in the world. The invasion, which destroyed the infrastructure of the country, left three million displaced and one million dead.

When we naively ask ”where IS came from,” we should take in to consideration what such conditions would do to people’s mentality and, when there is no progressive alternative available, how would it push them to extremist forces.

We cannot stand aside and think “oh, horrible things happens in the world,” and look at the extreme actions as space phenomenon. We all played a role in helping extremist forces come to exist. Yes, we did!

When we did not oppose the invasions and wars waged by the US and its European allies, when we did not resist the increase of military budgets in our countries, when we closed our eyes on global arms trade… at some points, we all played a negative role in the shaping of extremist forces.

We live in a tightly connected world. This globe has never been as connected as it is today.

People’s shock makes me shocked, perhaps even disappointed. When they ask ”where IS came from” they refuse to see this connection and subsequently their own responsibility in helping things come to exist.

IS would not exist without the extreme situations caused by US invasion of the Middle East. Now, in a globally connected world, it is not only the Middle East paying the price for the situation. Europe is already involved, not only through direct attacks like the Paris attacks, but by waves of immigrants and refugees.

We are living in a connected world which makes whatever happens our issue. There is literally no we and they, there is only we, one WE.

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