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Published On: Thu, Mar 14th, 2019

Oman is the jewel in the south of Arabia

Residents and citizens in Oman are looking forward to seeing Oman turn into a thriving tourism destination, after Oman Aviation Group drew up plans to attract up to 40 million passengers into the country by 2030.

Serbian national Ana Stanic, a resident of Oman, shared in some detail her fond memories of the Sultanate, paying particular attention to wide variety of food available to foreign visitors to the country.

– I must emphasise that I am delighted with the food I ate during my stay in Oman, I am a lover of good salads, appetisers, and seafood that was so abundant. Their traditional cuisine is famous for its numerous spices, so I brought to Belgrade a lot of herbs that I regularly use when preparing meals for people.

– Oman has so much history, exclaimed Jean Paul Thomin, people don’t realise that Oman was a perennial Silk Road fixture. It is truly a splendid Place.

Spanish national Juanjo Ramos added:

– Oman is definitely recommended on my list of places to visit. I will be coming to Oman soon to photograph this country.

British author Steve Backshall also loved the country, saying:

– Stunning Oman has been kind.

Emirati national Khalid Al Saadi said:

– Oman is the jewel in the south of Arabia. All my love to Oman and its great people.

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