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Published On: Fri, Feb 19th, 2016

Rape and Abuse Support, our Commitment to Ethnic Communities

Settling in Scotland in 2012 from Nigeria, Tinu initially worked as a volunteer at an organisation called Multi Ethnic Aberdeen Ltd prior to embarking on her current role as Equalities Officer at Rape and Abuse Support. Reaching out to multi-ethnic Communities living in Aberdeen, her role is a crucial and multifaceted one.


Tinu’s focus at Rape and Abuse Support is on issues affecting people from different cultural background; with the influx of people moving to Aberdeen from a variety of continents and cultures where the first language may not be English. The oil industry, education and a variety of reasons attract migrants to Aberdeen, Scotland.

Her role also focuses not so much on discrimination but rather promotes engagement between minority ethnic communities and services offered at Rape and Abuse Support. Attending community/multicultural events and meetings, she is committed to making the relevant information available to anyone who has or knows of someone who has suffered rape and/or domestic abuse. This knowledge empowers people from minority ethnic communities to help and support one another.

Tinu views the future of this service as a bright one, however a lot more can be done to breakdown barriers and improve access.  With many Nationalities comes a culture where talking about rape and abuse is a taboo perhaps due to traditional believes and values. Tinu’s role is about gaining trust and offering empowerment to anyone who has for whatever reason shut certain events out.  Her motto, speak out, help is available.

Tinu has a Law degree from Nigeria and a Masters Degree from England in Health and Social Care where she developed her passion for supporting people. The UK has a vast social safety network of services to prevent people from becoming isolated but without knowledge of these, individuals can fall through these safety nets.

Her focus is to meet with people and show them how to engage with the support system in the UK. She belongs to the Nigerian Women Association Aberdeen and has a particular passion for women and their empowerment.  Believing that if you can empower a woman, you can empower a Nation because when that woman is empowered, she can go places and transform her world.

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