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Published On: Sun, Jun 16th, 2019

Saudi girls fleeing from hell

Two sisters have fled alleged abuse in their home country of Saudi Arabia, while in Turkey. The Sisters, Dua and Dalai have gone public with their experience, giving statements to the Organisation Detained Dubai CEO Radha Stirling who is in continuous communication with the girls.

– I’m Dua and my sister Dalal have fled from Saudi Arabia to Turkey. My father wanted to marry us to old men and religious militants. We were beaten and harassed. We were threatened with imprisonment in the Women’s Welfare Center.

Since childhood they have endured constant bullying, intolerance, physical, verbal and psychological abuse from family members, peers and authorities. Now they are seeking asylum, a process that the organisation Detained in Dubai is helping them with.

Dua, 22, and Dalal 21, have explained that they have suffered mistreatment and abuse throughout their lives.

The sisters ran away from their family while in Turkey, and began appealing for help via Twitter, these appeals were hindered however when their Twitter account was abruptly suspended. Dua and Dalal immediately set up a new account, and it too was suspended. This happened several times, but fortunately they were able to establish contact with the Detained in Dubai organisation prior to their latest suspension. Their parents still have posession of both daughters passports.

– My parents were rigid hard-liners, she said, They forced us to wear hijab and full-face cover (niqab), when I was just 11 years old. I remember one day when I was a child I felt so hot, so I took off the hijab and I was subjected to a harsh beating until they took me to the hospital since my mother beat me on the head with a wooden stick.

Dua and Dalal were informed a little while ago that their father went to the Turkish Intelligence to ask for their arrest.

Dua said that she was expelled from school as a teenager, and the administration told her family that she was gay.

– My mother beat me, threw all my clothes and broke everything in my room.

The issue of Dua’s sexuality became a frequent source of speculation and threats in later years as her family tried to force her into marriages she did not want.

Dua also described her sister’s victimization at the hands of of Saudi Arabia’s notorious religious police.

– One day my sister Dalal left the university, and was stopped by a man working with the “prohibition of vice” as he claimed. He pulled her to the car and tried to rape her, but my sister resisted and pushed herself out of the car as it was moving. This event was the worst that has ever happened to my sister and me throughout our whole lives.

Dua and Dalal concluded that their only chance at freedom and a meaningful life was to escape.

– We can never possibly live with our family, and I know that living with them will end up with us being killed. They have robbed us out of our dreams, our ambitions and our childhood, and now they want our youth, Dua states.

If they succeed in returning me to Saudi Arabia, I will be tried by the government and then killed by my family.

The sisters will be applying to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and Detained in Dubai is assisting them in their pursuit of asylum in every way possible.



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