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Published On: Thu, Sep 22nd, 2016

Stefan Löfven värd på toppmöte med Obama

Statsminister Stefan Löfven var värd på flyktingtoppmötet i FN tillsammans med Etiopien, Jordanien, Kanada och Tyskland. Initiativtagare var USA:s president Obama. Löfven ser värdförfrågan som ett erkännande av den linje som Sveriges regeringen driver i flyktingfrågan. Målet med samtalen var att uppnå en global ansvarsfördelning för flyktingsituationen i världen.

Källa: Wikipedia

Källa: Wikipedia

 – Jag är glad att ha starka allierade i kampen för att fler länder ska bidra i att hjälpa de 60 miljoner människor som tvingats på flykt, det kan inte bara vara några länders ansvar att erbjuda skydd och hjälp, säger statsminister Stefan Löfven.

Statsminister Stefan Löfven talade i FN under flyktingtoppmötet “Leaders summit on refugees”. Läs hans tal på engelska här:

“Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to begin by thanking President Obama for initiating this Summit and for his personal engagement in the global refugee crisis.

I am proud to be one of the co-hosts of this summit.

No country, no continent, no organisation can handle this challenge alone. We must work together. This is why we are here.

We need to bolster global efforts with ambitious new commitments. More countries have to take a greater share.

During my recent visit to Jordan I met with King Abdullah ll and visited the Za’atari refugee camp.

I would like to start there. Because as Europeans or Americans or Australians, we must always remind ourselves that most refugees never come to our countries. They walk cross borders in search for safety. They stay there with the hope of being able to return to their homes and relatives as soon as possible.

While they wait, and hope, there should be more than a roof or tarp over their heads. There should be safe water, enough food rations, heat if it is cold. There should be classrooms for the children and increased possibilities of work for women and men.

This is not of benefit to the children, to the women and men alone but to society as a whole, and it will prepare them for their return home.

Proximity to countries of origin should not be the only determinant of solidarity. We all have a shared global responsibility.

Sweden has for many years shown a strong commitment to good humanitarian donorship.

Last year Sweden was the seventh largest humanitarian donor. For 2016, Sweden has so far allocated approximately USD 625 million in humanitarian aid.

Today I am proud to announce that the Government of Sweden plans to make an extraordinary contribution of USD 17.5 million to the IOM-UNHCR Emerging Resettlement Countries Joint Support Mechanism and USD 20 million to the World Bank Global Crisis Response Platform.

Our strong and long-standing commitment to resettlement continues. We have committed to gradually increasing the number of resettlement places in the coming years.

It is high time to take responsibility. Together we can ease the suffering for many more people. Together we can make a difference.

Thank you.”


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