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Published On: Sat, Jan 25th, 2020

The Truth Seeker – Part V

This is the last piece of the Ole Dammegård article series which seems to have upset quite a few, to the degree our English Editor was attacked at the office, in late evening, instructed to not ask more questions.

Mysterious accidents and deaths seem to follow in the trace of those who pursue research about the assassinations of Olof Palme or John F Kennedy and if the Elite is staging false flag operations with the intention to keep us in a state of fear to make us agreeable to any solution provided by the authorities.

Ole Dammegård is a former journalist and investigator who has dedicated the last 35 years of his life to researching many of the global conspiracies. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Lady Di, plus the terror attacks of 9/11, Norway, Oklahoma City bombings and more. He is now considered a leading expert on false flag operations and is believed to have managed to expose and stop several planned massacres.

Ole has discovered links between many of these assassinations, which has led him to believe that some of the same people were involved in both the JFK and Olof Palme murders as well as many other major events. The same Global Elite seem to have used the same skilled mechanics for decades for doing their dirty work.

Ole Dammegård

Don’t blame the psychopaths

– We are talking psychopaths, and psychopaths are born psychopaths. You know they don’t have the ability to empathize. We can’t blame them, we can blame ourselves, that we have been so lame and asleep, allowing these individuals who are dangerous to the rest of us to reach high key positions in society. Thus, it is our responsibility to make them aware that we see what they are doing.

Ole describes today as a wonderful time to be alive since the fog seems to be lifting and people are starting to see clearly. He has done this work for 40 years and Ole has felt very alone, until recently.

– It’s in the millions, people are now starting to see what is going on. Part of freeing ourselves is becoming aware of who the controllers are. Who are the ones who are controlling your life? Who are the ones who have put you into slavery?

He means it’s monumental to start seeking knowledge about how you are being controlled and refuse to go along with this and also see people for who they really are.

– For instance, Annie Lööf, what I know about her is that she was the selected one to become the next one in Sweden, now that has yet not happened, perhaps because people are opening up their eyes more, so the Elite is really struggling to get the power structure in location. And how do I know this? Because she attended the Trilateral Commission and she also went to the Bilderberg meeting and if you have been to both of these, I tell you, you are selected.

Real Value and financial slavery

To Ole, the financial system is the biggest hoax of all.

To control the central bank is the key for the Elite. It acts like a bank octopus, in every Country, and the central banks are connected to the Rothschild family. Every mortgage, every single bank in every Nation is connected to the central bank.

– What does this mean? Well whichever bank you use, it’s still the central bank that controls it. There are of course different owners of the banks, different shop windows displaying different brands, however, the central bank is behind the scenes, in every scenario.

– In the old days, if you had a piece of gold and asked, “Can I please borrow that piece of gold from you, only lend that piece of gold and nothing else.” You could say, “Well if you lend my piece of gold for a while, as a thank you I’d like an orange as well, an orange as interest. I will pay you back your gold and give you an orange as a thank you.”

Ole argues this is the way it used to be but that has all changed. Nowadays currencies aren’t connected to true value anymore, like gold was in the mid-seventies. Today currencies are just numbers on the computer, a digital illusion of value.

– What they have done is set up a whole banking system. If the bank had 100 dollars, and you came to the bank and said, “I’d like to borrow 100 dollars,” they would say, “Yes you can do that!” If you said, “I’d like to borrow 110 dollars,” they would reply, “We’re sorry we don’t have 110 dollars, you can however borrow 100 dollars, we have that.”

Ole goes on to explain further:

– Nowadays if they have one tenth of what you want to borrow, it’s ok for them to lend it out. Let’s say they have 1000 $ in the bank. I come and state, “I’d very much like to borrow 10 000 $.” It’s illegal for them to grant your wish so how would they do this?

Today when everything is digital, they play a game according to Ole, they click in 10 000 $ into your account out of thin air. The remaining 9000 $ of these 10 000 $ didn’t exist before they transferred it to you.

– Then they will ask you a very serious question, “What are you going to use this money for?” You will say, “Well, I’m very sorry I really need a new car.” The response, “Okay but if you don’t pay us back, the 10 000 $ we will take the car back or your house, you understand that?”

Ole gives an example, if you bring the car dealer a cheque of 10 000 $ because you want to buy the car. The car dealer will with a high probability feel that 10 000 $ is a lot to carry around on him so he will make a deposit to his bank account. It’s irrelevant if it’s the same bank as yours or not since the central bank has the supreme control over most banks in the world.

Consequently, these 10 000 $ add the value this bank has in its vault with the amount on the cheque, as a result the bank can lend out 10 times more than 10 000 $, 100 000$.

From being 1000 $ in the vault, which made it possible for the bank to lend 10 000 $, has now increased ten times.

The bank tells you, “We don’t trust you 100 %, you really need to prove yourself worthy of our trust.” You end up declaring your trustworthiness by paying back three times the value of the car or house mortgage. You get the loan for a new home and a cheque of 100 000 $ and purchase the house. If something happens and you cannot deposit according to the plan, they will collect the real value, the house or the car. Now they got real value.

The person who owned the house before you and sold it to you, he won’t like to keep a 100 000 $ cheque lying around in his new home. He goes and puts it into his bank account. In his bank the vaults value suddenly increases ten times the worth of 100 000$ to a 1000 000 $.

Frankfurt, Germany – Headquarter for the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

Do you see how it accelerates?

– You, on the other hand, will be in chains for the next 30 years struggling, to pay off your house mortgage.

Ole means that the only thing they did was either write an amount on a piece of paper (a cheque) or digitally added, in both cases it was literally created out of thin air and put into your account.

It’s all in their game

– This is a death trap since it keeps you in financial slavery. They need to control all the banks, whatever bank you choose.

Ole argues that it’s remarkable that all big countries in the world are in debt. If so, where does the money to lend out come from?

These forces that are behind the scenes aren’t interested in the money because they print them themselves, the central bank decides how much needs to be printed also they keep the inflation high, and it’s all connected to unemployment.

It’s necessary for the unemployment to be kept high, for the inflation to stay down.

Ole is convinced that the Elite on purpose creates poor people with no work. Another means of controlling you is to make you feel guilty and to keep your self-esteem low, creating the feeling of shame for being unemployed and having no money and being forced to accept social benefits to get food on the table. All of it by design, but there are two massive steps to free yourself, get out of debt and let go of fear.

To find out more about Ole Dammegård’s work:

As a good way of ending this series of articles, we also publish the lyrics of a song written by Ole back in 1997, from his solo-album “From Prison to Paradise”. You can listen to it if you search for: Ole Dammegard on Spotify.

“Once upon a time in a place not far from here

There were so much loneliness, despair and oh so much fear.

Darkness ruled all over the land, there was lightning in the Sky

Causing wars and separation with no one knowing why.


These evil times raised leaders disguised as Kind and True

Hiding the Truth in misty fog so only very few people knew

Controlled by an Elite few manipulating you and me

Closing out the Light and Power that can make us all be free.


Wake up! Wake up! We’ve gotta wake up!

Wake up! Wake up! We’ve gotta wake up! Now!


Forced by invisible powers, demanded to conform

Into shapes unknown to Mankind making him totally abnormal,

Drowned in debts and sorrows blaming others for their lot

Made Man believe to be inferior, feeling tiny like a dot


But then came Times of Change covering countries and their towns.

Few became many and soon the prison walls came down

Starting with the men in the mirrors staring right back into their eyes

Understanding that this was a chance to stop those hideous lies.


Unhappiness is merely an Illusion of misery

Based on brainwash and a misconception of True Reality.

From now on let’s build bridges between our Souls and Hearts

So we together can rejoice when the final change comes to its start.


Now let us wake up – We’ve gotta wake up. We’ve gotta wake up.


Turning prison into Paradise may seem too much to achieve

But believe me, it only takes One Strong Spirit to be Free

The True Power of a pyramid is never at the top

Instead, it is We The People that can make this global game stop.

Did you get it?


Wake up – Wake up – we’ve gotta wake up – it has to stop

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